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Many Japanese objected to modernization of  Japan. Some were opposed to building big factories. Some disliked the monotony of working in dreary establishments as slaves to machinery. Others did not want to take part in wars or to serve in the army or navy. Still others were deeply concerned over the rise of military lesders and the glorification of ideas of force and might. For these and other reasons,  many Japanese people decided that they should leave their homeland.

Other Japanese decided to emigrate for economic reasons. The growing population meant that land was becoming more and more scarce. It was increasingly difficult to produce enough food to meet their need. Many Japanese families made their living by farming aplot of ground no larger than 30 feet  wide and 100 feet long. Those that came and settled in America considered their small farms of 10 and acres “ranches” compared to their old landholdings in Japan.

Low wages also encouraged many Japanese to emigrate. Japanese workers had not learned the art organizing unions and other group to improve their working condition, hours, and play. The expansion of  trade had given Japanese trade delagations and representatives opportunities to travel abroad.  Japanese businessman, officials, and seaman thus became aware of the opportunities in foreign land. They saw the better economic conditions that existed out side Japanese and so became interested in emigrating  



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